Jewels of The Family

talking less
until I’m drinking more
then I’m writing less

see saw

exit sign
in case of fire – run!
emerge from the building complete
and in tact
all faculties about you
use as tools to build and stand
as a real man

talking less
thinking more
careful consideration goes
into loosening up
the whole being

all cars are bullets
shot through and can end the pedestrian dream

you isolate?
in the amercan dream pyramid scheme?
but on the treadmill you forget
to exercise the muscle of compassion
so when it’s said and when it’s done
you’ll be hacked up
packaged in boxes

writing more
for now
how it goes
scream from the lung-top
no harm done
to the rattling shudders
see what I can do
see who I can be
not your murderous worst enemy 1-2-3

ready set go
shiner after shiner

time lyrically
so popular like on Beatles albums
time beating your ass
whooping your ass
ripping your wife away (good!)
time is on my side
for a second

in the split seconds
slow down each breath

the whole day
the whole night an opportunity
to undress a hot and sweaty vulnerbility
maturity means the neediness melts away

you’re a good guy
you’re a good girl
I think you’re ready
for more, more of the world

go get some more without apology

drunk or not
preferably drunk…
shed the day’s skin
from your back
and ponder a big dipper larger picture
heat sinker little dipper
small sister older brother
struggle of the single mother
check the adverbs
revolution from the bricks of
Brooklyn DC Houston
Writ Capital W. session
sincere and steady
yer never truly single or alone
though it gets lonely inside these problems
stand up peach fuzz
I gott good buzz goin’ blinded by the sun at night
haunted by the moon in my pocket
it smokes and it billows
signal signal
all the great minds at the sundial refused to talk to you
‘cuz you were being an asshole
hard to rock a big baby
easier to rock a crowd
(with ears to hear)

maybe you should
stop paying taxes
from year to year

isn’t it all really about energy?

all the groins kicked feel it fully
all the jewels of the
spin on the canopy

By bgkarma

BGK is a revolutionary in the mind frame of intention with vibrational swim and entertainment snack to promote edutainment and self empowerment by use of multiple brains or servers to go next level.

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