Destroyed Eyes

It is like a new life of writing but with old allergies for the eye, the irritation how it kills rub after rub, the knuckles digging deep and hateful and still more to go. What’s in the air is in the world and you can sweep it off a step, it’s just by your feet.

Innovate, invent, build, and grow – pulling from tradition only when necessary, otherwise bury lies in destroyed eyes.

In just a little time that new life comes running down the hill at me. In just a little time I am quiet and walking slow like those lyrics go: “around the block I walked and walked pretending you were with me.”

A glass of red wine to tilt the world or put it in a whirl; with a second, the way it’s sipped in measure, unlike beer that’s chugged like you’re reaching for your weapon.

Here to be here. NOW resumes the want.

Simple sentences appear to slice the letter Z in half to create two sevens at odds and answering at fourteen; multiplied, arrives at 28 as if to say: “why must there be a sequel to 28 Days Later?”

At this age can stop waiting to be adopted by a nice family. At this age I expect to be sucked in and turned into something for their benefit.

My mind don’t change which is why they don’t rub their eyes. I’m not turned into the thing, but compromised. Which is why when they sleep they check camera footage next day.

But the new life is coming down and at us. All this comfort is going to burn. And real life is coming down. And the new life will bring death and strive like Calcutta don’t hide theirs.

Us friends scream at a wall. One day it is gonna fall.

No cars go that fast. Us kids know. Words that manage the crick out your neck with massage and a heating pad.

This function is a drag.

Two days ago I was feeling sorry for myself. Today though I was sorry for it all. I get into that and switch prayers to verses ‘cuz I caught myself being cruel only to make a joke and that was wrong but it slipped by this time without notice but I still sent myself into the corner. Figured I’d be back out soon enough.

To be forced into silence and let yourself fall into silence are two different things. To leap out of silence and live again with confidence is Olympian.

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By bgkarma

BGK is a revolutionary in the mind frame of intention with vibrational swim and entertainment snack to promote edutainment and self empowerment by use of multiple brains or servers to go next level.

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