Month of January

This is my birthday weekend. I’ll spend a little time gathering up some writing since things have been a little quiet. So far, here’s some stuff from January. It was cold and rainy and chilly then, for Houston – I listened to Circle Jerks, read Ishmael, hung out with friends, dinner at my house, bread, wine, soup, and I crushed on a girl.


windshield wipers
your day

some pain
site examples

an exam

give it
all away

way down
at the
the barrel
they lowered
shot you
with a
bolt of
a more
in this
they put
on your
debit card
you look
a mess
a real mess

all is
somewhat well
you asked

watch this
fly his
car in
to the landing pad

we thought
was the shit
little did we know
what else
was in store
there’d be no more stores
we already

. . .

I like apples and oranges
I like a bowl of fruit for breakfast
I like myself sometimes
otherwise doubtful
documentary on men taking steroids
watch them get super moody

. . .

and I’m back

for a few minutes more
of all this
under supervision
of the owl
skies cloud up
‘bout to rain
paranoia be damned

I’m going into
a cave of
my own time
for a bit
ya’ll can
contact me
as you start
to notice I’m gone
if you don’t
so be it
I’ve been
falling back
hitting the ground

hide your pain
hide your fears

kids got up
and freestyled
over a violin
to the pink panther song
fucking awesome

kid was like
“this is my family”
white kid on guitar
pointed to him
and said “don’t worry
about color”

these aren’t necessarily poems
but notes
notes have their place too

listening to
listening to
the words forming in my head
the need I have
to write something
the act of writing to

better understand my thoughts
the other day I threw out this meme
on the page
“the early bird gets the worm.”
better ask your
friend the owl
what he thinks about that

how do you know he’s a he?
and not a she?
how do you know
that’s not a fake owl up there?
oh well it IS a fake owl
don’t be a hater!
so I can assign to him
any personality
a split personality

. . .

so many don’t even
know how to write
as in t-h-e-r-e
or t-h-i-e-r
or t-h-e-y-apostrophe-r-e
ownership –
look there, they’re
driving off
in their car

. . .

so much I undergo
through the course of a day
it’s hard to put it to words later
then again, maybe it’s not all that much
that damned owl is
staring down at me thru the dark
it is evening
miserable chill and drizzle

Seagate is prepping 37 terrabyte hard drives for 2010
that will hold a person for several decades
provided the drive itself doesn’t turn belly up

. . .

In the dream, we took off in a leer jet, headed for the other side of the planet. Took a break landing somewhere to take a piss. At that spot, I folded up the jet and put it in my pocket, which is something that usually doesn’t happen…

. . .

You, you look
really nice today
tappedy tap tap

Sunday morning
I drive past streets
plane in my pocket
blank page off the head top
“class is in session so you can stop guessin’”

into book

girl has her new volkswagen
painted like Herbie the Lovebug
fuckin’ awesome
so that is that

70’s 80’s 90’s new millennium
what are
your thoughts
on it all?

. . .

onions and garlic are now the mainstay for me
I’ll attack all of it
because I hate them
and what they’ve done to me
everything is not right…

with their ISKCONisms
mental prisons
I know because
I became a BGK
until it
played itself out
now I’m my own BGK

bee gee kay A are emm -a-

. . .

Finished up reading Desolation Jones, Vol. 1. Thing about Warren Ellis’ writing is that he’s often writing for shock value. He wants his male characters to be these “bad boys,” complete bastards, and in turn to be seen as one himself. I’m sure in many ways this works for him. His female characters are all sexy and aligned in such a way that men find enjoyable. One girl, for example, says, “I like porn…” Very much an Ellis-ism.

. . .

the two guys next to me were
making fun of the white man, made me laugh –
“look, he can do whatever he wants”
pointed to a car pulling up
“you should go open his door for him
and ask him how his day is going…”

. . .

do you know how to write a list?
I gotta list of demands
a blonde ex
my name is not Tex
and no I’m not blessed
but I passed
the GED test
thank you very much
I’m soft to the touch
but you cross me
I’ll burn off your unibrow
as easy as I
draw in the next breath
answer the call if
you know what’s good for you
blam compliment the
whole continent of your body
and throw this
bucket of flower pedals down
everybody celebrates something
let me do that
you fill the place
with a real vision
guide my eye down your spine
dive and plunder

. . .

full of pain
rain in the pale
for sale
drinkin’ ale
what ails ya?
sufferin’ sucatash
hide the
my covenant
ongoing theme
what to
discuss here
the story
or the meme
handed down
f. tradition
things are
not what
they seem
bright white heat
the beam?
to agree
expert insects concur
blast it down
shoot it down

jumps in
“I’m not a girl
or woman
but a FORCE…”

I won’t do all
that much talking
I’ve got
some “spiritual”
work to do
on myself
I don’t have
to sit tight like
a buddha
I just have to be
and go deep
I can do that anywhere I please

that’s exactly right
go ahead and try
say I’m a hippy
‘cuz the
doesn’t concern me
you can’t
put labels
on an ice dolphin, can ya?
go and try!
the carrot
on the snowman
slides down and
stops at his groin
turn your children
away, cuz’ it’s too soon
for that discussion

I’m one such snowman
pissin’ out
more coffee
than thought possible
and it’s
getting colder

By bgkarma

BGK is a revolutionary in the mind frame of intention with vibrational swim and entertainment snack to promote edutainment and self empowerment by use of multiple brains or servers to go next level.

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