Bush: A Mother Fucker

I’m a camera man.
I direct movies you haven’t seen yet.
Footsteps heard through a wall.
Tall glass of water. He’s that tall glass of water over there.
“Looks like a stiff breeze might knock him over.”

How’s your eye, how’s your eye?
After the dishes are washed, I let them dry.
Eyes are doing better after riot squad pepper spray fades.
He was told there were plenty of fish in the ocean.
He wondered which ocean they were talking about
and how to get there.

I enjoy homogenized milk because this is
a synthetic country, for god sakes, he rambled on.
The cold rattled him and the roads froze.
Boat flipped out onto the highway one hour
outside of D.C. blocking traffic as snow fell.
Some cars were thrown.

When the people got around downtown
the cops hardly would discriminate who
they tossed around and shot water cannons
in below freezing temperatures.
Protesters feet were sore but the radicals
kept on burning flags like incense and
making me proud.
Keep the lighter, brother.

Snowballs thrown up over the fence.
Cops helmets white fireballs explode
laughter as masses unhinge panels
and charge armored seemingly
soulless women and men.

The President is over there slowly
progressing up the road
through the Republican parade.
No backpacks allowed, no explicit
t-shirts either.
Love it or leave it.

But another girl with flag burning
anarchists screams “we’re American’s too!”
An anarchist on the ground screams up to her
“no we’re not. speak for yourself.”
We share laughs with one another.
Right on, brother. Keep the lighter.

We come to reclaim a warzone to create
gardens in vacant lots to block off to
reclaim streets.
We are light hearted and heavy hearted.
We are whatever we want to be.
Life hands us lemons.
We eat the lemons and the peels.

A man comes around the corner
with his little dog.
Young anarchist stops his yelling and
advises the man that the pepper spray
would be bad for his dog and to
take another route.
Oh really thank you he says
walks off retracing steps.
Go up those steps and get a
good view of the cops getting
raw and gassing up the area.
No surprise.

People in the hotel window
are smug watching the entire
event with martinis in hand.
Now that the cops are distracted
the shut down homeless shelters
are reopening.

Everything that
happens is to be expected.
This all occurs from accumulation.
We meet up later for
Chinese food
with the sorest feet
of all time.

Below our apartment Adam’s Morgan
is set ablaze with 70 arrests
with bank windows cracked
while we sleep sweet dreams
and toss and turn and
more flags curdle.
Ours are red and black or
just plain invisible.

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By bgkarma

BGK is a revolutionary in the mind frame of intention with vibrational swim and entertainment snack to promote edutainment and self empowerment by use of multiple brains or servers to go next level.

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