letter from a calm shouting man


Thanks for your note, small small. Any personalized engraving from you helps me through my day that much more.

In the beginning I was sorta writing to you every day, and ravenously at that. After awhile I figured I couldn’t keep it up, and also it probably wasn’t going to help me mentally cope with your absence here. So it was best, I determined, to sort of “cut it out.”

Besides, after awhile, there’s not much to report. For example, as you wrote to me in this note about Rudra, he did in fact leave the dump to end all dumps flat out in the center of the bathroom floor. Why-o-why? Reporting “Rudra dropped another load today” is not really the kind of news I wanna send out daily.

Things form sort of as routines. I say “sort of” because it’s much different now that I’m out of work. New interests come to light, I feel somewhat lighter, kind of a new person, a healthier person, perhaps a better writer, books are getting read, and I’m starting to develop some good cleaning habits. But it all really pales in comparison with Spain and your big adventures. I feel like shit talking to you about anything related to home or Roanoke “night life.”

I went and got a free handout for my meds on Friday. It took forever, very similar to a Bradley Free Clinic type deal. It’s like they purposely try to make you feel like shit for being there. The woman started out by screaming at us in the lobby: “please put back my pens!” Yet, I managed to be nice to her, and she helped me out. But this is a one time thing. Next month I will have to go back to paying for these meds full price. They currently go for $107 for 30 pills. Fucking outrageous. Otherwise, I’ll have to figure out an alternative path. Both Pharmacists and Doctors concur that Singulair is really the best shit out there and nothing compares. Oh, and our VCR died last night. I’ll have to try and figure something out.

My mom recently took my grandmother to an acupuncturist in Grandin. I can’t fucking believe that, but it’s true. My grandmother has been ranting and raving about it and said that she’ll pay for me to go. I’ll soon set up an appointment for my hip and asthma condition (don’t know if acu can treat asthma…). But ultimately I need dental work in the worst way. Fucking capitalists.

Did you transfer those funds from your parents over to the credit card or something? They seemed to slip away quite fast. I super hope that amount takes care of everything as far as your travels go abroard and from NY to DC. As I said, we 99.9% have a secure spot with Derek up in the hood, at his new spot. John Perry may be a traveling partner, but I don’t know if I can arrange for him to stay at Derek’s or not.

Derek here in Roanoke is my new-ish friend, originally from the Hardcore scene. He is vegan and used to live in Richmond for a bit. His girlfriend is semi-friends with Chris Jordan. 🙂

Okay, bye for now. I love and miss you in many ways….

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By bgkarma

BGK is a revolutionary in the mind frame of intention with vibrational swim and entertainment snack to promote edutainment and self empowerment by use of multiple brains or servers to go next level.

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