Hollins info

From Thomast Mesner, Registrar
August, 2004
Senior Degree Analysis

regular term credits req.: 38
short terms req.: 1
current cum. GPA: 3.92

GPA in major: 3.8 – spanish
GPA in minor: 4.0 – english

ESP Perspective Requirements:
All Skills and perspectives completed.

Courses need in major: 5 courses: see check list

courses needed in minor: One more 300-level course

Phys. Ed required: N/A

SPAN 266 is underlined, with an “A” next to it
Spanish Electives:
231: A-
350: A-

General education requirements are all fulfilled

English Minor:
(this part is kind of confusing, at least for me…)
Two courses from Eng 223, 224, OR 281, 282, 283
beneath this it’s written: 241 (3) VWCC, 242 (3) VWCC, and Eng 141: A (4a)

Eng elective: SP ’04 350: A 4 (300)level
Eng elective: 242: A 4

Casey, if you have any more questions, please let me know.

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