small town

the fool travels
with belongings
and what
he knows
others on the
a teacher
to the smallest,
how do you say?

I’m reading the story of the major arcana, seeing myself as that traveler and that I’ll change into that man hanging upside down seeing things from a different perspective. Change is in the cards for me; I guess that’s why I’ve become so interested in the cards.

hurricane and latest news of prescription
medicine running out
tea to revisit the coast
of early morning writing sessions
this dominates the forefront of our minds
they persuade our intake

I’ve been spending time at the coffee shop, usually in the evening to shake that cooped up feeling. It does me good to get out like this. Ocassionally I’ll have a nice conversation with someone. The other day, did a favor for this kid by driving him out to see his mom in the country. Bedford County is the absolute sticks out there. Reminded me of going to see my family in Rocky Mount. The house was all dark, his mom was playing a puzzle on the computer. “My mom would like to offer you a hit,” he said. But I declined, since I have asthma and everything.

Reading all over the place from spiritual literature to comics to English books. It feels incredible to have this wealth of information all around me. I only have to keep up my health and I think I’ll do all right. The other morning I even went out jogging. If I go out again in a couple of hours, I should be able to run just a little further. It’s all about strengthening different parts of the body and improving.

I keep having dreams that I run into a group of kids and I borrow one of their skateboards, in particular an old freestyle board. They are surprised that I bust these tricks out of nowhere.

Roanoke, a truck stop town. The kids all amass outside Barnes and Noble on a Saturday night, a group of thirty or forty. I fight the wall of loneliness without C., especially when out shopping and see these poor kids in their quiet desperation, the given up look in their eyes with no hope of getting out. Just how many towns in this country am I describing?

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