guy got ground up in Fargo
we caught the last half
North Dakota accents
foot left sticking up out of
the machine like that

our day driving around
from time to time
woke up from nap
two guys screaming
at each other in the back alley
at the top of their lungs
someone beat us to calling
the cops on them
besides, thought:
“if I’m such an anarchist
what business of it is mine
to call the cops?”

birthday calls came in–
I am reading
rubbing my irritated eye
kalika, our 1.5 year old kitten
rubbing hers

when the weather is better
in two weeks
poetry readings
at the fountain will
start up again
downloaded a outline program
you know, how you
write outlines for essays?
take a look at my
disorganized mess
of apartment essays

you’re hosing out spiders
and lighting jack-o-lanterns
sneezes begin irritated
tremble the face and
finally got to see
eternal sunshine of the spotless mind | link 2
here is my 20 word review:
“one of the few that tears me up and has me walking through the graveyards by the time it’s over.”

thinking much today about that line, familiarity breeds contempt. maybe then we can be less familiar with one another, then the breeding will bring about something else?
once we get used to someone
we think we have a right to
be angry with them
that we have a right to scream at them
argue, abuse
we have not learned very well at all
how to be gentle.

. . .

imputations of the mind
assigned a meaning
to the very real or non-real thing
(which by the way is connected to various other things and in that sense is not in the least fully independent)
which then becomes abused, used, rejected, held onto, cherished, owned, stolen
written about, filmed, audibly recorded, thrown like a football, called a football, or soccerball, kicked in the face of, front side of, polished, autographed, handed down through generations, flipped open like a world war I pocket knife, slid under a napkin in a diner, forgotten on top of a jukebox, traded for a Sony Watchman mini tv, a prize at a bingo hall, a much valued Modest Mouse album, and so on.
superimposed meaning
you know all about it
that’s why you’re not talking
because it’s been talked about
because it’s been talked out
because in the morning new things new things new things
all you want all you want all you want
new meanings new meanings new meanings

By bgkarma

BGK is a revolutionary in the mind frame of intention with vibrational swim and entertainment snack to promote edutainment and self empowerment by use of multiple brains or servers to go next level.

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