feud for the first mind

since high school I have maintained that typing has been one of the more valuable skills I’ve picked up. tonight I’m typing with my eyes closed. I can barely keep them open. forcing them causes pain, but this doesn’t mean… I have to surrender to sleep. relax and type away.

typing can be more productive in many ways. the eyes being closed is just one of them. rest your eyes, write up a storm. I’m reading this book Feed. in the future kids have built-in ‘nets in their brains. instead of IMs, there is mchatting – mind or mental chatting. just think it and it’s “typed” out instantly. think something in someone’s direction, they’re receiving it in their mental feed – words don’t have to be shot from the mouth. it is up to you. music, movies, websites, video games, all accessible at mind level.

when this technology becomes available for real, I think many people will be tempted and give into it. and I can understand that. take all that work out of handwriting or keyboard typos. just think it out and it’s there, locked down. imagine the publishing possibilities. keep making things easier and easier and easier. hasn’t that been the pattern?

ultimately something gets lost here. can you put your finger on it? well, your mind is directly connected to a net owned and operated by a corporation or gov’t. the act of blogging is already kind of like this, actually, but it’s not instantaneous. if I write out something and post it, for one, it’s because I choose to, or at least say I choose to. a direct con., on the other hand, means they’re reading your thoughts, your private thoughts, on the spot and making assessments as to how to further sell to you and program you as they please. what to speak of glitches, hacks, viruses, and people more easily being able to read your thoughts at the dinner table. in bed, automobile advertisements flash up without warning. what’s to say they don’t come up while dreaming? what’s more, what about the subliminal force feeds?

the internet as it currently strands has already created a certain amount of psychological damage, though of course both sides can be argued. often the benefits close the case for us, though. the next new thing becomes that much more readily accepted. remember back in the blah blah days when we used to question things, if da da da da was morally sound or healthy? can we become corrupted, stolen away, not returned to our normal selves?

it should all be so obvious. no brain implants! this is not a good idea. it definitely seems like we’re going in that direction. from a cashless debit card system to microchips put in our pets so we can find them when they’re lost. next, let’s put them in our children, because you know, you know. these are bleak times. terrorist times. so, a digital lasso, if you will. then… for us? if we can’t think of a reason ourselves, they’ll be ready to assist. how much you wanna bet? all this tracking device business was in the fine print when we bought the car. now we’re fucked.

this is a feud for the first mind. I have faith in an idea that all of this is there in the original heartbeat of the being’s being, human, sub or extra. that is to say mchats are actually low technology if we revive the ability spiritually, or organically, or just the idea that we don’t need to talk all the time, that quiet can be better. (for instance, we’re probably all disabled telepathics simply for the fact that we don’t think about it. disable thoughts of telepathy, chances are you’re not going to be telepathic. think about, have an interest in something, that for starters opens the door right there.)

still I dig on MP3s, iPods, Macs, Photoshop, PDFs, sha na na. I guess my age has something to do with it. I’ve always been gadget minded. C. and I were talking about Feed, and I’m laughing thinking about it now ’cause upfront I said how I liked the idea of the feeds because of that, being able to mchat, etc. still she knew I was being silly because I often like to talk all sorts of stupid shit in the car and gam out ideas dry stretched to the length of our destination. makes the time go by faster. but, to reassure her, and now everyone else, I draw the line at the brain chips. and eat plain chips. or BBQ chips. and walk with a shanked hip.

. . .

the monitor and CPU
to vibrate in
the night
while collage poems
are vastly
more important
and sensational

thank you, Chelsea,
for this
debut poem

may you
take Paris
by storm
to roll
may you
get there
may the literary
(that’s just
a big word
for books)
upon you
the shiny reflective
the delectable

this other kid
he be

By bgkarma

BGK is a revolutionary in the mind frame of intention with vibrational swim and entertainment snack to promote edutainment and self empowerment by use of multiple brains or servers to go next level.

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