what ails you?

can’t seem
to concentrate
on studying over
for tomorrow
night’s test

there is
just too
much of
a sleepiness

I do want
to think of
other things
just not
rest that
heavy book
in my lap
and stress
over what
I need
to memorize

. . .

often wonder these days just how much I can possibly do, if even time itself is just a big sham. I’m seeing the life of so many people choked out of them. seeing into different truths. writing single lines. am growing. getting closer. being led. how does it go? seek and you shall find… ask and it shall be given. give to yourself. thoughts are most powerful.

. . .

return to writing, young lad. okay. and be glad. today, tonight, am glad. walked around. floated around. you go to sleep, have an out of body experience, experience more freedom. I want to experience that in writing, and in sitting around in this room. it is really the freedom of thought. that is, thoughts are things. your thoughts store up enormous in the objects around you. your thoughts hang off you. I read your thoughts flow like blood all through your aura. the mind cannot be found in the brain because it hovers outside of it. so some close their precious eyes but see through their fingers. believing is seeing. seeing is thinking.

. . .

massage one area to tend another. the doctors have exhausted themselves. or rather, they have exhausted me. after thousands of dollars they say they see nothing wrong with my leg. I will have to become my own witch doctor – which I don’t have a problem with. tonight my leg is trembling. put your hand right there and you too can feel it. perhaps down on a micro level my leg is protesting the republicans and democrats. having to choose between the two is not a choice, but a threat. anyway, there is no guarantee small people don’t lie either. it’s just when you see a monopoly of the disseminating “facts” you start to wonder just what the hell is up with that one particular monopoly. the leg is saying something like, the few are not nurturing the many, but see them merely as their entertainment, and often a nuisance to deal with, then realizing what a treasure there is in the mind, and how it must be dealt with. I reassure the leg that it is keeping good tabs but not to become overly emotional…

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By bgkarma

BGK is a revolutionary in the mind frame of intention with vibrational swim and entertainment snack to promote edutainment and self empowerment by use of multiple brains or servers to go next level.

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