hail to the theif

here is a flier I’m having to produce at work for one of our clients, a local temp company.


• White Collar Temporary Employees bring a starndard of professionalism, experience, and educational backgrounds to your company

• Provides an excellent way to screen applicants before hiring for permanent position

• NO ABSENTEES – The Client Company only pays for time worked

• Reduce hiring costs (administration, advertising, human resources, etc.)

• Eliminates all benefit resonability including insurance, sick leave vacations, profit sharing, etc.

• Eliminates Social Security, Unemployement Taxes and the paper – work involved on tax forms

• Eliminates liability and Workmen’s Compensation Insurance costs

• Eliminates hiring permanent people during peak periods, and then laying them off

• Short – to long – term projects that need a professional experience

• Better control of the complanies’ cash flow

• It saves money

• Used properly, can increase productivity

• Prevents a bad image of company (If company has to hire and let go of a lot of people, due to peak production times, it can present a bad image for the company)

can the corporates be any more blatant?

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