early note

I’ve been waking up a lot feeling like I’ve been hit by a truck. having a sore throat time of it, barely able to talk. reading more, living in my head and heart more, writing a little or a lot less. there is always some suffering on the other side of the coin. still I feel writing will be better for it in the longrun.

it’s just hard to put a lot of thoughts to words lately. I know this is not such a great thing.

I love it when Rudra plays like a kitten. even if something winds up broken.

the sun is coming up, everything ultra frozen. one reason for being so sick jan/feb is I have yet to get myself a pair of gloves. I am out scraping ice off my windshield before I go to work with no gloves. my bare hands on the ice cold steering wheel. in winter it’s harder to take care of myself.

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