a future

world gov’t
world banking system
world army
world currency
microchipped population

you’re not so much training your fingers to type as you are your brain. know you can do what you set out to do – as long as you have drive and determination, you can do it.

I fear somedays I’m just losing my drive to do any of this, this whole graphics thing…

alpha pi

he could only think of water. woke and moved around the flat waiting till 1 pm before going out for lunch. the idea maybe enjoy food for a change aside from pure fuel for the body. happiness evasive vapor that animals can more easily sense with less complication devoid of dramatic impulse. unatease, disease more easily grabs shakes you like a ragdoll tosses you from a bridge the top to water down below. your normal walking gate you emulate. what do we do without basic necessities. we adapt to new environments or are swallowed by them. capacity to survive. capacity to create joy. vessel of information. system requirements. hemp rope. self disbelief. self berate. self hate. some things never change. our time is stolen. buy a new iMac, buy a deeper entrenched jail cell. money is the trap. you and your family bond together on this understanding and enjoy real time together.

you reflect on your wrongs. get your knives out. knives contest. gather around the story circle. I’m a gambling man, with chances. the story is she never could make much sense of anything around or within her and simply made trouble for every sentient thing she ever came into contact with. she became a wife, a mother, a widow, a senior citizen, a couch potato, a woman coughing on the back porch taking a cigarette break. that is my perception of her. I can see her hopelessness, the bits and pieces she can’t even see. is it enough to bunker down in the walls and hide away from the world till death comes for you? that courage to seek has been lost? that illusion that everything is so ordinary, there’s nothing to go out after.

a second and third brain. the kingdom of God is within you. expand it without. I do not protest a second coming. the miracle of words form before my eyes. the future is the next set of words, the next paragraph, the next moment. in the next moment I am under the lamp, the billion cameras of the world, in bed propped up enough to read a book at a comfortable angle, then getting drowsy. multiple worlds accessible.

wife emails
book in
in circular patterns
chime of hour
7 in the evening
plane launch
him, he talking
about his
“insanity” caused
by extraordinary
events in Peru
a download
of information
into the self
a transformation
of consciousness
not quickly processing
but being
in the public eye
subject to ridicule
to their
they transform
what they cannot
understand into
something they CAN
if it’s not true

they want
to centralize
just how I want
to centralize
the file
structure on
my computer
by grouping
it all together
in one folder:
“my many files”

everything is


what is
keeping you?

expand the mind

the key
is it to
connect to people
on a deeper level
help them
do I wake up
with a sadness
and return home
with a sadness
because I’m
not doing
what I should be
should I in turn
be seeking out
to help people
to feel from
them a

10:20 AM
time is going really slow today, it seems. I like this because I can get a lot done that way. funny how time behaves.

By bgkarma

BGK is a revolutionary in the mind frame of intention with vibrational swim and entertainment snack to promote edutainment and self empowerment by use of multiple brains or servers to go next level.

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