small notes pt. 1

there are nine
writing utensils
on my desk
most of them pens
some pencils
and an electronic pen
used like a mouse
plugged into the side
of the keyboard
I am getting ready
to have some
soup for lunch
my phone is turned
on counting down
my minutes as a free
man I hope desperately
this soup will be good if
not at least edible it is
okay I suppose blow on it
to cool it down don’t
wanna burn my tongue
not being able to taste anything
the dehydrated carrots
have this sweet strawberry
taste to them I stare
at the desk and all the things on it
while I eat – the temperature is
45 degrees out in our house the
heat wouldn’t come on so she asked
me to call the landlord even
though it was 9 PM and he was cool
sent his son who fixed it –
it was once mentioned Jesus was
the Sun of God not the son
the sun shines through the
front windows past the front register
and this window to my office I call mine
but I know better so does everyone else
was thinking you can drop knowledge around
here but if they don’t like you that’s that they’ll
axe without second thought
the soup is not bad and still hot half way through
my problem is that by five I am already
starving again thus somewhat cranky so
if anything else goes “wrong” by the time
I get home tables get turned over
the phone doesn’t ring that much today things are
finally slowing down and tomorrow I hope
will be dead it will be a nice rest for me after
this terrible month

I feel like crying really hard just read a news article
about two men who tied a cat to the back of a
cable van and drove off onto the highway
they did this consciously and are suspended
and if convicted will be fired all I have to say
is that these men are very lucky as far as I see it
because if it were up to me I’d chop off both
their thumbs and pinkies and throw them in a
village where they would be peed on at least once
a day and at night would make them sleep in
crates like veil calves the cat the cat is dead though

how can a person be peaceful/violent? is there
such a thing? sometimes I want to be a human bear claw
and slice through concrete.

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By bgkarma

BGK is a revolutionary in the mind frame of intention with vibrational swim and entertainment snack to promote edutainment and self empowerment by use of multiple brains or servers to go next level.

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