I don’t
get off to
a good start
writing this
so throw
it all in
the bag
and give
the world
less private
less neurotic
less dirty-laundry

I straight hate going
to see them
and no matter what
day is no goddamn

are you
with agonizing
over it

I am because
you are not
because are
obsessed with
what you got
and can feel
mighty high
stuck on yourself

that is being human

many humans judge each other on miserable grounds. I just want to stay away from most of them. business, however, is how you keep alive. business is tainted with all kinds of shit, and keeps you busy. too busy for your own self. I am splintered now as many different selves, all to serve different purposes. one of them one of these days, I fear, may go postal and take all the other selves down with it.

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By bgkarma

BGK is a revolutionary in the mind frame of intention with vibrational swim and entertainment snack to promote edutainment and self empowerment by use of multiple brains or servers to go next level.

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