xmas morning notes

for me, having to go see “the family” on the holidays, puts a strange twist on enjoying the holidays. it is like going to work, but you can lounge more, and be more sarcastic. sarcasm is the saving grace this fine day, and I plan to indulge.

in other news, dreamt I was in my old neighborhood which is near a Warfare base, and fighter jets were flying over the houses at very low heights. one jet in fact went right under a traffic light. he looped back down again, but did not pull back enough. my friends and I came running and pulled the the pilots out. the main guy was more concerned with with his gun, so I got it out for him. he thanked me for saving his life and added, “Don’t get caught up in all the drama.”

there is drama
there are big events
there is the person
and the decision
just how
to react to it all
it always comes down
to a decision
and you
have little time make it

. . .

notes on speed reading: Josh was asking me how it’s going. it’s going pretty well, actually. I like to read technical books and break them down even further, to save others time. I think, at least so far, the whole gist of the book is about eye movement. our eyes are conditioned to move how a first grader learned to read – one word at a time.

the mind speeds so much faster than talking or reading. reading, therefore, can be bumped up to meet the needs of the brain, enabling you to accomplish more.

as adults, we have greater understanding of words, what they are and what they mean. as a practice to loosen this up, you have to widen your peripheral vision and let your eyes speed through the sentences without stopping on the single words. your eyes inevitably stop from time to time. in the book it is said you should make these allowances every two or three sentences. some words and phrases are also easy to read.

in the book
and he said this

stuff like that. things can be visually bunched together as a part of the eye flow. you do not have to CONCENTRATE on every single word. as I was saying, words like, and, in, the, and so on, are easily recognized. so let your eyes flow on and see what you can pick up without landing on them. some concentrate on the beginning, middle, and end of the line. or beginning and end. regardless, it is all about the eye movement, making it go faster, not reading aloud verbally or mentally. it is a hard habit to break, but you get it more with practice. the book focuses on non-fiction, saying fiction is based on a different structure. this is true, but I think many of the same techniques can be applied.

. . .

I wish I could love people like Rudra loves people. he is the most amazing person I ever met.

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