I mean, conversation

in my shoulders like I’ve
been carrying boulders
I haven’t told her
how I feel

I begin to lose it
first in
my shoulders
how they
I’ve pulled
out of alignment

they continue
piling on

a sign meant
for you to read it
but you were
so now soreness
plagues monday’s
blood all over tuesday

they don’t get superstitious
about the weather any more
it is now a known fact
God is pissed off and wants war
will douse with
torrents or withhold and
burn forests

you and your
house go by on a raft
if I get a chance
I’ll punch you in on the clock
so you can get paid
while you’re
fishing for your clothes
down in the basement

just be glad you’re not
erupting like that
one house in
Montgomery County
it was felt and heard
from all over the entire
area – just went sky high one day
no survivors
news said no friends came
to mourn, these were strangers
or a boss to someone – hence
friendless, not real people,
government workers
here today, gone tomorrow
who said that?

someone taps that on
my shoulder from behind
and I haven’t a clue
here today
here tomorrow
here again
here tomorrow
today is today
back again today
see you tomorrow
appear to be missing tomorrow
widespread investigation begins
as to the whereabouts of
one ms. lonely heart
who would talk to herself
through her writing
and name and rename
tack on meaning
where there is none to be found
now she is a
nun to be found
and if they find her
controversy, I mean, conversation
will reach a lull again

let me ask you
is it more exciting to
be missing?
this is sort of an answer
you are sorely missed
we need you back to dispel any discouragement
during pop quizzes
to make sure
students for certain adhere
to the honor system

hey green, please don’t
mind if I ask
you to be gold
make that switch!
come on!
come on!
come on!

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By bgkarma

BGK is a revolutionary in the mind frame of intention with vibrational swim and entertainment snack to promote edutainment and self empowerment by use of multiple brains or servers to go next level.

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