another register receipt gets torn in half and trashed in many pieces before dumpstered before I turn in for the night, before all is said and done, teeth sticking to the gums, shots fired, people fired, people tired, people expired.

forestry greensboro lush abrupt visits to kill down sorrow alert at your neck or biting your bright white heels tying you to a tree kicking you far kicking you free kicking you to Tennessee kicking you like a dog like you were hit by a truck

slept campaigning shaking nervous, shaking hands door to door asking for your support. we’ve all gotta have something to do. stir and let sit for two minutes before partaking. there’s no mistaking, I get sad over and over again then tether myself back in. such is life and what is left is you’re lucky there’s more.

begin again; okay, my name is . . . fast approaching, I was born atop that hospital over there so close you could throw stones at it, twigs, flowers, whole rose bushes against the wall of the 495 beltway like a clogged artery while I feel under me this smooth countertop and the colors around me are what’s most important of all, of everything big everything small, wondrous nature, wondrous eyesight. daylight, the sound of my mother’s voice – as if anything in this world at this time she will do for me and then remember to breathe till I learn quickly for myself it’s all and nothing. appeared on the sharp edge of a star and made counter-appearances through all ages just to enjoy the plant life, the aquatics, more of the sky, more or less lessons textural taxed text book hard on eyesight concentration divided light shot through new age crystals separated attention deficit gradient faded short stop little league expression, cub scout vocabulary, ending in sky bursts, explode in highlights, dive in after burns. the ocean incline dark hallways sneak and creep terrorize for real, is this for real, do you have real eyes, what do you realize? comparative size, detonate tremors, greater, I call them toothquakes for the hell of it, you send spies, they have nice lives, like snowmen with carrot noses button-eyed, trickle next day along curbside, cried a river in separate driveway snakes, southern accents broken-in.

a loss of sleep counting sheep, hill climbed incline steep, ocean dive deep, hope to keep, hope to hold onto, hope to properly manage or this slips away always, this slips away always, this slips away in all ways. soft and hard ways in all ways. I tackle these hallways. I pass through on by you in these hallways.

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By bgkarma

BGK is a revolutionary in the mind frame of intention with vibrational swim and entertainment snack to promote edutainment and self empowerment by use of multiple brains or servers to go next level.

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