sitting in the grass

jon spent friendless years without any sun
friendless because he was hated for it
the sky would cloud up every time
he stepped outside the door
he could only appreciate it
from the window
what could he say?
this developed into
a reputation

to deal with the guilt
one day he went out
and sat down in the rain

he became a determined yogi

it poured and poured but finally
for the first time ever
the sun came out
and shone bright down on him
like through church windows

he wasn’t happy with this
the sun, however, was always happy
satisfied enough not to reply
-why have you hidden from me my whole life?
-out of all the people?
-what have I done?
-what is wrong with me?
-why me?

for hours he sat like this
in the dried up grass
eyes wide open
starring into the sun

until his sight became blurry

until it again became clear
and more clear
clearer still
until sight was repaired and reached
immortal perfection

jon was not a delinquent after all
in fact he had the sun
coming out of his eye sockets
whenever he wanted

he could put the rain out by moving
the clouds just with his thoughts
at night he could go outside
and light everything up
and life would have justice

he sat out there one evening
in the dry grass
the sun said to him
-what the hell is wrong?
-where did everyone go?
-I can’t see a thing.

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