my bike ride is like
an old lady walking past
the gate chased by a little puppy

there are versions of me that
are pulled across dimensions to get here
I hope you’re as charmed as I am

my bike ride is like
a couple fumbling through a conversation
called common ground in the garage

there will continue to be boxy cars
and behind me booming cars that
drive real slow

follow what
you know

a girl outside the tea house
livid as livid will go
says to her friends
you didn’t print out
all the pages?!

So I bike into this area
my morning has started
but I think I should
be on the move soon

it would be good to grab
something to eat

fuck that

rites of spring demand it
write your brain and brand it
rip the tags off and smash it

all the worlds of experience
that I can get into it
don’t let it depress you instead
let it invigorate you

there is a dark side and a light side
maybe we will always
have them
so if I say good nature
what about dark nature
shut ’em down

don’t waste my time
the worlds intrigue me
no more tea
sipped in this dusty house
tune it out
my tuning results frequency frequently
against the ear drum pitted against
pit bulls pissed at their owners
fuck the press up what true babies they are

each word is tinged in death
up close and personal
you get to see personal growth
and what that does to a person
professionally or pathologically?
I can’t stand on two feet
I prefer to float in dreams

all the world is watching
there is always light, especially at night
it’s just a different light
there is excitement for life and its goodness
the darkness also wants a bite of the pie
and is excited to see where this is going
I used to write on the bus and train
now I’m riding my bike and I enter
such a pleasant trance that
guides the things I write about
I guess I’m older now
and feel even more free
to know this is guided along
in the spirit of flow and more flow
it’s almost like the writing hand
will never skip a beat
even though there are
a few commercial interruptions

the expectations of others
it’s a gravity
law of attraction…
is it repulsion

somehow today feels like heaven
men are looking for land
women want to build the houses
children want to set fire
animals want the things in front of them

it’s true though
today feels like heaven
there is glory in this

four word writ on the Twit

we bursts of light

it doesn’t matter whether you’re
the one to help me across
is this my journey?
let me check
yes it’s my journal
and I need to write this
important message to the youth
he said “I don’t trust people
who say ‘I do this for the youth…'”
I know what you mean
I guess there’s something
of the priestly pedophile in that

let me go on examining the contents
of the mind and elements of time
all the things that fascinate me
and put it into a study

throw the gambler’s stone onto the grid
and talk to him
if knife blades were really all
that important
then the nuclear family would
not exist
it’s just an opinion so flimsy it’s
more really just a flash

so that’s how it goes
Cat’s Cradle gets re-read
by someone

this is to ensure my fingers keep
the best idea to keep me

is that true?
I think I’m seeing that now

so listen to music and keep the
fingers moving
even if it’s flustering you
into a hole
aka you’re freaking the fuck out
to give a fuck
you look up and see
yourself move about the room
you were riding your bike and doing a
little better
say yellow hellos to friends closeby
these are new leaves with pound symbols
should you trust them?
turn over
the conversation gets bizarre
my foot answers a vibrating phone
the house is full of love
I wake to such a darling Kalika
sitting there on the bed looking at
me so content
it’s such a wonderful feeling
this is how you do it
even with a headache
on the brink…

Categorized as Poetry

By bgkarma

BGK is a revolutionary in the mind frame of intention with vibrational swim and entertainment snack to promote edutainment and self empowerment by use of multiple brains or servers to go next level.

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