By sunrise, we packed up our session and went to our respective sleeps, sleeping on our ears strangely, with our necks bent. I took it under my wing to venture into on a chilly day bicycling the streets of H hitting my usual hangout spots and enjoying conversation. The November Coming Fire rises out of my nooks and crannies.

the sign:
"take the trash out"
don’t forget to
take a Dash out
the connector car
the sleepy car
different city you wake up in?
somewhere a
child-sized Arizona!
hell no!
why the hell no?
one of those days… November
mantra meditation like
constantly repeating to
yourself People like me
but they don’t like you—inordinately
the meditation like all things
is vibration-based
and it is in the earnest death of
asshole fiber that you get somewhere
so you’ll finally mean the world to others

give up your side project of
being an asshole

surely it seems like a huge
sacrifice but no one is watching
and everyone is watching

fairly windy a faery
feels the chill
she cleans the leaves
outta the storm drain

the gift brought in
open eyes to

the whole universe
within and without
to love so hard you
learn in this love
how to let go
removal of fear
is a given
without the gift of
the removal
of fear
you only experience
at your level of love
to watch
and climb

this just in:
"I feel weird that you are
actually taking this love shit to heart.
seems to be a trend these days."

I hate you but I Love you
I’m joking firstly, lastly I can say
I hardly consult the trend books
hardly time to concentrate

I’m sorry you don’t
believe in me
funny thing is…
I make up for that
on my end

love love love love love
I can’t love myself enough
loving you, you find you can’t take it

radically, charity personified
burning eagerness

to know
to discuss so many things
immense joy
moved to tears
I couldn’t be happier actually
yet I keep going
I keep happier haphazzard
lap lizards across my lap
I write my own fill of books
chapter after chapter
from the happiness disaster
that I’m about
the transcendent
warm fuzz feel
my foot falls asleep
my leg follows shortly

Categorized as Poetry

By bgkarma

BGK is a revolutionary in the mind frame of intention with vibrational swim and entertainment snack to promote edutainment and self empowerment by use of multiple brains or servers to go next level.

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