From The Sky

Bukowski’s women

Jay Leno’s women
Bill Clinton’s women
the women in the library
the women above you
the women below you
and the women in the library…
reminding you of your fines from the sky
and false fires, and those coming out
with a secret to the press
a symphony mistake

all the blue angels flew in formation
to their demise

run away reporters, let us know about the
hell down there.
bitch-back. laundry. photo.
kiwi salsa cale. highway freed.
bargain hunter lunchbox screwdriver
health beat Bermuda triangle spoilers.
haters. equators. ecquador fantab figment
of your imagination what you say
instead blood for oil
is a target hit and shopping here before
was a real pit.
next to a pyramid a franchise
and freedom fries
stomp around with your moon
boots to unearth buried
girls and guys
from under the franchise
with freedom fries
with more dead girls
and other dead guys
a whole lot of ’em
met their demise

fire falls
from the sky

you laugh at me while
you’re sitting on the Fox and The Hound log
fall of the worst year
fall off and hear
something snap
they do talk a lot
needles and darts
in the beginning miss
the whole board
corrected mistakes and
zits popped
hid behind and peaked out
far away safe
a coward
throws her malitov
from the corals to
the curls
they come back as bratty
runny-nosed fire crackers

peace to you motherfuckers
peace to your attackers
turn the other cheek to your attackers?
don’t lust after the animal crackers

the moment taken in altered under the
mooshy influence of
whatever that was in the pipe
some say it’s one thing, I say it’s just moss

smoking it helps more than I realize cuz I’m driving and start feeling its disassociative affects and I’m thinking, Damn, I’m high. which means Damn I’m kinda uncomfortable, then comfortable, yet kinda un…believable. life feels fairly unbelievable at least some of the time. I’ll push and warp the rest of time.

problems sting like
honey bees
another problem
is just what I need
the honeycomb gets
a cereal with its name on it
serial killers
are eating cereal

did you see

Bruno on Richard Bay
or was that
Straight Dave?

a fucked up hobby
makes for an interesting article
but not everybody likes
to read
many are faking it
I put on war paint
before cracking the books
and say
screw you backwards

drive around looking
for Bane Park
talking outloud for others
to catch like This one
needs more sleep
he’s off his rocker
he’s entering that
little number where he’s
a dog dreaming
chasing a rabit
the rabit is closer to god
no one gives a hoot owl’s worth

the grass greener on
the other side
smoke this moss on the other side
the werewolf bite
is the werewolf’s way of saying
go fuck yourself backwards
the vampire’s bite says
screw you from the sky
while god says
you run and you hide
I’ll go and

Categorized as Poetry

By bgkarma

BGK is a revolutionary in the mind frame of intention with vibrational swim and entertainment snack to promote edutainment and self empowerment by use of multiple brains or servers to go next level.

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