Hot Air

There was this guy tonight who walked around like a broken record wanting to sign the list for the open mic: “Can I get on the list? Can I get on the list? Can I say ANYTHING that I want? Anything? I mean, can I just get up there and SCREAM into the microphone? I mean, I wanna SCREAM! Can I do that? I think that would be really cool. I think people need to see it. Hey man, do I have to sign up or can I just get up there? Yeah, I wanna get up there and scream into that thing. That’s the kind of day I’ve had. That’s how shitty life can be sometimes.” And on and on. And he did get up there and let it rip. No explanation. Even I covered my ears until it was over. And that was that. On to the next sad sack, the next junkie, more theatrics, while I gear up to shoot out from my very own circus cannon into the park full of detectives with curious flashlights.