Take Me Away!

Mystical winds blow.

Neighbor tells me alcohol ain’t for him any more. My decision is to fly my bike into the sun. At bars I shall drink water. I shall breathe in secondhand smoke and try to smile. She drinks water, serves otherwise. He calls and without prodding from a single soul, “Weed ain’t my thing these days.” What is happening?

they try to stab me
I step lightly
maybe I’ll pack my bags and Calgon!
if another city wants me
say so now
and thanks ahead of time

Try not to be bitter. My honesty—”To tell you the truth, I’m feeling a little awkward right now”—could not penetrate her haughtiness. It did not bother me enough to pursue it, only to mark it down as a note to self: Some people never wanna play nice. They insist they know me right away. How could they? I let go of them just as quick as they let go of me. It’s only complicated when you allow yourself to get sucked in.

Everyone hides behind something. Smoke. The bottle. Lies. Buerocracy. So try to make it right. Trying to repair the past is one thing, but from this day forward, you can make those big decisions that you’ve had sitting on the back burner for years and years. Don’t we wanna celebrate something real for a change?

MF 11

reactions from others
news that comes in like
Japan gets smashed by big waves
casters are snickering in Godzilla references
reactions smack the world
just two days ago
our sun had an X Flare
how does this connect?
how do you write a sentence with authority?
I saw you playing frisbee with your dog
you saw me in a tattered sweatshirt
I don’t mind wearing
they’re using the word “fabulous” a lot
won’t own up
to being psychos
my dreams are string filled
keyed to the teeth piano-wise
no where do I turn up
my three tarot decks
what on earth?
at four AM Inception
I begin a forced sleep
hope for dreams that unfold
into symphonies
all is offered is
homeless clips
mistakes made
highlighted red
I pant pant pant out a wild animal journal rant
dreamy drip moderately
this entry
dripping coffee

On The Heels Of A Dawning

on the heels of a dawning
I let the early bird
do it’s thing

and I wake at noon
the speed of business
tries to surpass me

they open can after can O Worms
commence fighting and blood letting

innocence in shade where
they design fliers
for windshields

competition had it’s day
caused its stir

what really everyone wants
is a middle of the night quiet