Bridge Work

when you feel like¬†you’re not appreciated,
even after all you do
after every step along the way.
they give you nothing.
it all makes
you want to find a bridge
and make your decisions there.
should I jump or cross or burn?
what’s the next step?
and it’s not that you’re
asking for much,
just a little common
human decency.

the girls run up
ask if I want to buy
some cologne.
I tell them I’m not human.

Cold Morning

bad with math but
at least half the shops
here are a racket
tied to what’s hidden

the mob men
put blood on the money
like MSG goes in the food
restaurants have
for men and
bathrooms for women but
really they are
unisex bathrooms
unisex revolution!
unisex revolution!

a lady yelled at me
the other day
and I said
unisex revolution!

it is Sunday and I’m mulling over the same thoughts and prepping books for the Etheric label I just started up.

it’s dropped outside pretty bad and now we’re walking to the store with coats again. they say, “why are you up so early.”

a bad dream had me in
its throes
and I gave up on it
figured at least
I could throw on
some coffee
and read the bad news
in the paper
the world is going
down the toilet

unisex revolution!

figured the sun would still come
up but it’s late
and I’m starting to worry
it’s unseasonably cold…

A Series of Exercises

a series of exercises
you can read back over them later
tout them around in a pocketbook
like the one mother had
when under florescent lights in the dime store
she caught glimpse of them
and she passed out
right then and there
she was out
and they called for

a siren machine
and it came but they
just told her to

go back home
down the street there
and get some rest

of course she
was always getting rest
getting rest wasn’t what she needed

what was it she needed?

god knows
the same god some say is dead

flip a coin
and you still don’t know