Ideal Surface

You should be here with me now. Chew on icecube, on one word dripping at a time cracking in chomps, break open to make many paragraphs of how the human feels and attempts to express. An animal does not even bother to laugh at the money you and I share and steal and hold back. But it is funny. Maybe I should just be there with you, instead. My place or yours?

I take this seriously my place in it but know fluidity enables lax vibes and laughter and new plans and new life and healing. You ask for tips. I say cut shorter nails close. Take time to put the pen across a beautiful Terra’s stomach and just scrawl the markings that are fun to you. Watch her bloom in first person second person third person flying high. Mighty high. Hold your breath and rise.

Days To Come

The next stage of existing takes place where you are sitting right now and it is up to you, or it is your fault, at least to an extent, if it’s the same shit but just a different day. It’s your fault if you get bored. It’s your fault if you can’t find anything to read. It’s your fault if you can’t sit quiet with yourself and burn the burning when it has to come. And it’s your fault when you can’t connect the dots, connect with people, and cannot stop spreading the evil of your intensions. You’ve plenty of truth smacking you, nudging you, nailing you to the crossroads. The time can only be now to decide and realize a truth higher than you is going to burn up your lies and false struggles since you’ve already claimed to ask for such a thing anyway. Those you call heroes will come with fire to your home if needed and you will see them horsemen and horsewomen of the apocalypse. Once it is finished you will be holding them close so tightly that your own fire will start up undeniably and be coded into operas cherished for hundreds of years.

Revelation Fun Fact

Brooklyn metalcore band Biohazard made a name for themselves in the NYHC scene and beyond in the early ’90s, but it was the band name itself that would later cause some people to take notice in a different scene altogether.

There is a very well known survival/horror video game that was originally released in Japan under the name Biohazard. An employee at Capcom, the company that released the game, was aware of the band Biohazard in the States and felt Capcom wouldn’t be able to secure that trademark in the U.S. when they released the game here. Wanting to avoid any legal trouble, they eventually came up with a name for the U.S. version of the game, which we now know as Resident Evil.

That Young Man

Because I’m young at heart I’m going kicking and screaming into old age and death and will be giving you this look like, no, you won’t see any of that in me, not even in my face. I am that young man, forever.