Spare Parts

pills coated
is this what you want
yogurt spazling
holy ship
we get kicked out Erol’s
out of
the fuck is your
idea but
pron. like eye-dee
that’s southern
surprise food
the spelling be
was rigged
each one teach one
each of us
pick a religion
to reform
then we’ll swap
the names

it’s co
ming dow
n to a craZe
and fearing
the Worst
is just
a bad
habit format
all formations
fizz down
disintigrate, Sorry

to say
I told you so
without yelling
what’s that bout
the birdcage
sold for spare parts
the domesticated beasts
flew into the wild
never wrote back
guess they’re doin well
for themselves
aren’t pill addicts
they just
got their stories
and oh
I’ve mine

A Human Place

Ten days of seclusion and getting to what I feel a more Human place. It is a workshop of the mind to confront yourself in isolation and stay out of everyone else’s business no ifs ands or buts about it. Courage to be launched into space and just Left There for awhile and with the feeling you just might not be brought back. You go through cycles of euphoria and panic and somehow come out saner on the other end. I will be spending good careful sessions writing and contemplating over this, and sharing it.

I am actually still at the retreat center since today as we were about to drive away the car would not start (in trance still). We’ll have it towed into the city for some love tomorrow and I’m eager to get back home to dive into continued meditations, writing, reading, and yes, resume work again.

I will be posting pictures of the beautiful place here on Facebook, later on Flickr. If you haven’t added me yet on FB, soon my handle there will be bgkarma, so keep an eye out, and as Garrison says it best: “Do good work, and stay in touch…”

At The Movies

an end to
my vacation

work begins

that thing I been talking on
Vipassana, ten day
radio silence
heightened awareness
altered states
sitting in the dark
no drugs or
TV or slasher flix
in system…
just You
(if you can handle that)

some wish me luck,
others like:
“Go fuck yourself”
which at
times I’m sure
I’ll feel is exactly
what’s happening

the great art of
self/non-self peering

dependent co-arising…
this is what
I was trying to explain
to the young man
from Chicago earlier
the right words
were not rising

I just woke from
this dream
someone at a bar
teaching me with a
needle how
to close shut
a cloth wound;
but was interrupted

my own movies gush out
every time Yorke
puts it down like
Where I End and You Begin,
Climbing Up The Walls, Electioneering…
the rapture
and talk of energy swirls
known as Chakras
I heard if you
burst to tears
they send you on a
time out
to the

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Some Of It Is Everywhere

Cancelled all my profiles. If you see anyone post in my name it is because the ghosts are fanboys and there is not enough coffee to go around. Sorry about that. And if you are a vampire, my advice is that you bleed on out. I used to be a vampire, so don’t take it personal. Recovering vampires can take heart from those before them who’ve come a long way and by reading all the directions on the box.