What I Did

In the dream, I exercised my kinesthetics controlling the movement of oscillating fans. Brought someone into to show my newfound power and could no longer demonstrate. Then I claimed some woman pulled a gun on me. But she did not pull a gun on me. Kids say the darnedest things. In someone else’s dream, I […]


Galveston salt still grinds back there no matter how many times I brush it’s the little town the island fever sponsored by pounding sun the neck line of cancer moving in she says it’s what you’re gonna catch so I sneeze one for the sneezer I know which he’ll appreciate back home drinking that flat […]

Meditation and Other Notes

What is the difference between writing, blogging, and microblogging? Possible answers: Writing… is… the act of writing… simple enough. You do it, ya know? You put pen to paper the traditional way all the self indulgent little thoughts you obsess over, later maybe reading it back to yourself or sharing it with someone else. Blogging, […]

No Sleep

cannot sleepthis has carried over into an ongoing thing for me over the past week that I become an owl of night and finally trail off to sleep by sunrise and return back sluggishly around three four or five by which time I’m settling back into my still spot bending knees and concentration to in/out […]