mindfulness in many poetries

an entire species becomes extinct
in eye blinks
blue ink
brought over from the sink.
mankind bent on tampering
bend rhymes to twisted beats,
bring you in
from out of the cold
into warm heat – or not
do not abandon your children
with the windows rolled up
to bake in an oven preset 450 degrees
like Stoffer’s Pizza or Steakums or handyman
frozen dinners
get your head out of there!
get your head out of the oven!
that’s not such a good way . . .

I was born into this world
without any cigarettes
and will leave this world
without bumming any cigarettes
will leave this world
not without giving it my best
sung blues without cigarettes
coughed lungs out of the sets of chests
onto the best pairs of shoes
like playing chess

mindfulness in many poetries.

choose your words wisely
young men waiting
to come up to the surface
and be
I cannot listen to
cynics now.

each movement is sacred

turn your Caps lock off and stop yelling at me!

don’t ban spam or telemarketers, just make them feel really, really guilty. what does that accomplish? what does anything accomplish? there is a difference between making a claim to fame and claiming fame.

my fucking expletives get bleeped out. glue your love and your devotion to an 8 x 10 piece of foam core. your animal is your child, not your sport. why do you harm your children? go ahead and be a statistic! they’re going to write about you anyway.

2 poems

a gain
and again and again
that’s so typical
so typically
angered by
a fever again
I wake up
and see
there is nothing
to gain

you swim well
which I envy

if I were better
I’d be
out there
every day

I’d move

there’s inflation on entertainment

in a few years
Survivor will make you
walk the plank
before they push you
off they’ll go,
“oh, one more thing,”
and they’ll hack off
one of your legs
or an arm
then they’ll push you off
so much for reading
the fine print
there’s inflation
on entertainment

wasp visits

a wasp nest revealed

stupid me,
I open the window
one wakes up
makes it
into the room
he’s been here
for days now
we’ve calmed down
and resort
to calling him
“our little friend”

starving, eyed
by the cats
they’re waiting
for him to

they’ll catch him
in their claws
when he’s feeling
the most punchy
and yelling
at the infomercials
like they can hear him
like it’s
an open forum
a town meeting
or some shit like that

hats off to
lone wasps
whose hands
are not big enough
to change the channel

I mean, conversation

in my shoulders like I’ve
been carrying boulders
I haven’t told her
how I feel

I begin to lose it
first in
my shoulders
how they
I’ve pulled
out of alignment

they continue
piling on

a sign meant
for you to read it
but you were
so now soreness
plagues monday’s
blood all over tuesday

they don’t get superstitious
about the weather any more
it is now a known fact
God is pissed off and wants war
will douse with
torrents or withhold and
burn forests

you and your
house go by on a raft
if I get a chance
I’ll punch you in on the clock
so you can get paid
while you’re
fishing for your clothes
down in the basement

just be glad you’re not
erupting like that
one house in
Montgomery County
it was felt and heard
from all over the entire
area – just went sky high one day
no survivors
news said no friends came
to mourn, these were strangers
or a boss to someone – hence
friendless, not real people,
government workers
here today, gone tomorrow
who said that?

someone taps that on
my shoulder from behind
and I haven’t a clue
here today
here tomorrow
here again
here tomorrow
today is today
back again today
see you tomorrow
appear to be missing tomorrow
widespread investigation begins
as to the whereabouts of
one ms. lonely heart
who would talk to herself
through her writing
and name and rename
tack on meaning
where there is none to be found
now she is a
nun to be found
and if they find her
controversy, I mean, conversation
will reach a lull again

let me ask you
is it more exciting to
be missing?
this is sort of an answer
you are sorely missed
we need you back to dispel any discouragement
during pop quizzes
to make sure
students for certain adhere
to the honor system

hey green, please don’t
mind if I ask
you to be gold
make that switch!
come on!
come on!
come on!

the sun is out finally and
this is appropriate
’cause I was thinking all
day I should get
something to eat
by taking a nice
long walk through
the neighborhood
then I will
stop starving
myself and go
for some chinese
the sacatas rotate
a nice sound


age is feeling me up
something terrible
bones broken
lungs flicker oxygen intake
I lift weight
exercise my will to
push back
the death rate

you hope you
have enough
for dinner
today stretches out like elastic desert span
starving fired
evicted convicted
waiting to
be brought dinner

and don’t we all want room service?

servers want their own
room service

I’m washing dishes
to pay for this

won’t be available
for jury duty
don’t believe
in the death penalty

I’m so glad you are here. I can’t believe how alive you are. God is in my tears and rips out fears. I fight a tough leather of years. I want to say you’re safe with me. if you can hear me now, please understand this in your own language.

kitchen knives

what if I age like wine but don’t
take time to drink wine?
or take time not to drink wine?
what then?
what now?

you open envelopes from the top
I rip mine from the side
pay check today
bills tomorrow
pains, bad news,
mill mountain views
another gallon of water
she screams as she’s talking
better get some ear plugs
welcome kroger plus member
yes, I’ve remembered my card
I always have it

windows open finally with
actual air from the outside coming in!
cool breeze with
thin covers over us
Bob Marley on headphones
long day, ending here
a few words left
hoping for
peaceful dreams
though I know
how active my mind is these days
anything can happen

I was almost hit
by a Mack truck, and
that’s the least of
my problems.

fall television, classes
thinking about “the old days”
some bitterness in my heart
admitting it

trying to understand people
that say, “I’m not racist, but . . .
blah, blah, blah,” dropping
grocery lists on me
like it’s going to snow tomorrow.
believe me
you’re much safer saying,
“I fear I have a few strands of
racism in me
just for being
in this place in history”

cell phones going off
they’re printing more
business cards in
the press room
the tangled web of
the work space
makes me think
of lines like
“you’re such
a sight
for sore eyes”
a day
can be

go out to the
car, turn on
the radio
they’re saying
maybe no more
overtime pay
I’m saying
your business
is to be at
home with
your family
you’ve got
no business working
40, what to speak of
50-60 hours “abroad”
if you have to
it’s the company that
ought to be fined –
all that overtime
shortening your lifeline

sept. 11 commies
come out wherever you are –
no flags found near me
I just
don’t know where to
start anymore
it’s that listless quality
it’s that mindlessness anomaly
it’s that torn tendon economy
so where are
your loyalties
mine go miles through to
the earth’s core
the rest
are lighting firecrackers
vomiting up bumper stickers
supporting troops
spewing the redundant jargon

time can exist to confuse us into being petty and
taking rigid sides
dividing greediness hoarding lying,
not following through
camera pans to
the next mellow drama
I can’t talk about fighting cancer
until I’m actually fighting cancer
don’t try
to draw such parallels
really you cannot
punch your way out
of a wet paper bag
I’ve heard that
don’t know if it’s true
a lost
be a rumor
never say never
it only
gets better

I will sit here and you can stab me to death with all the kitchen knives you can find and I will still go to poetry readings all over the planet for as long as I feel the need to.

this is soft going like plants are privileged to listen to Mozart, fathers reading to their children in the afternoon while still in the womb.

a wish

may you sleep well
dreams not be
push for
and settle down
knowing you’re
some good care

short bedtime poems that even turn out the night-light so your eyes receive greater rest. tomorrow, again, you can exert yourself.


another register receipt gets torn in half and trashed in many pieces before dumpstered before I turn in for the night, before all is said and done, teeth sticking to the gums, shots fired, people fired, people tired, people expired.

forestry greensboro lush abrupt visits to kill down sorrow alert at your neck or biting your bright white heels tying you to a tree kicking you far kicking you free kicking you to Tennessee kicking you like a dog like you were hit by a truck

slept campaigning shaking nervous, shaking hands door to door asking for your support. we’ve all gotta have something to do. stir and let sit for two minutes before partaking. there’s no mistaking, I get sad over and over again then tether myself back in. such is life and what is left is you’re lucky there’s more.

begin again; okay, my name is . . . fast approaching, I was born atop that hospital over there so close you could throw stones at it, twigs, flowers, whole rose bushes against the wall of the 495 beltway like a clogged artery while I feel under me this smooth countertop and the colors around me are what’s most important of all, of everything big everything small, wondrous nature, wondrous eyesight. daylight, the sound of my mother’s voice – as if anything in this world at this time she will do for me and then remember to breathe till I learn quickly for myself it’s all and nothing. appeared on the sharp edge of a star and made counter-appearances through all ages just to enjoy the plant life, the aquatics, more of the sky, more or less lessons textural taxed text book hard on eyesight concentration divided light shot through new age crystals separated attention deficit gradient faded short stop little league expression, cub scout vocabulary, ending in sky bursts, explode in highlights, dive in after burns. the ocean incline dark hallways sneak and creep terrorize for real, is this for real, do you have real eyes, what do you realize? comparative size, detonate tremors, greater, I call them toothquakes for the hell of it, you send spies, they have nice lives, like snowmen with carrot noses button-eyed, trickle next day along curbside, cried a river in separate driveway snakes, southern accents broken-in.

a loss of sleep counting sheep, hill climbed incline steep, ocean dive deep, hope to keep, hope to hold onto, hope to properly manage or this slips away always, this slips away always, this slips away in all ways. soft and hard ways in all ways. I tackle these hallways. I pass through on by you in these hallways.